About the Journal

Name of Journal: Research Journal of Psychology

Journal Frequency: 2 Issues Per Year (Biannual)

ISSN (Online): 3006-7219

ISSN (Print) : 3006-7200

Language: English

Publisher: Scholar Craft Education & Research Hub

Introduction: The Research Journal of Psychology is a premier scholarly publication dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of cutting-edge research in the field of psychology. Established with a commitment to advancing understanding and knowledge in various domains of psychology, the journal serves as a vital platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to contribute to the evolving landscape of psychological science.

Aims and Scope: The primary objective of the Research Journal of Psychology is to foster the exchange of innovative ideas and research findings across diverse subfields of psychology. The journal welcomes contributions from areas such as clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and more. It endeavors to publish research that not only enhances theoretical frameworks but also addresses real-world applications and implications.

Editorial Board: The Research Journal of Psychology is supported by a distinguished editorial board comprising accomplished scholars and experts in various branches of psychology. The board plays a pivotal role in maintaining the journal's scholarly integrity, overseeing the peer-review process, and guiding the strategic direction of the publication.

Publication Frequency: The Research Journal of Psychology is published byannually providing a steady stream of high-quality research findings to the psychological community. Each issue covers a broad spectrum of topics, offering readers a comprehensive view of the latest advancements and trends in psychological research.

Open Access Policy: Aligned with its commitment to the democratization of knowledge, the Research Journal of Psychology follows an open-access policy. This ensures that the wealth of psychological research published in the journal is freely accessible to researchers, practitioners, and the general public worldwide, fostering greater collaboration and engagement.

Submission Guidelines: Researchers and scholars interested in contributing to the Research Journal of Psychology can find detailed submission guidelines on the official website. These guidelines cover manuscript preparation, citation styles, and other essential details to facilitate a transparent and efficient review process.